Eternal debate who is better in Science Women or Men? Who Wins?

Men and Women in Science: Who is Better?

The scientists from the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) in Chicago discovered that the male brain is slightly different from the female, so the conclusion is that the intellect does not depend on the size of the brain.

According to their data, the size of the hippocampus – the dual structure of the brain, which differs in its multifunctionality, in the representatives of the men and women sex is practically the same.

It is known that the hippocampus is responsible for storing information in the short-term memory and for its transfer to long-term memory, for forming an emotional response to events, as well as for spatial orientation. In addition, the hippocampus also acts as a kind of “information filter” – defines what information should be left in the long-term memory, and which may be forgotten.

Myth about women’s worse ability in intellectual development

Many believe that a man is wiser than a woman, because he has a larger hypothalamus – but very few know that the hypothalamus does not deal with intelligence. There is a wide spread opinion that women are foolish, because on average their brain is smaller than male’s one. But women’s growth and weight is on average smaller too. And since the size of the brain is important relatively to the mass of the body, then the relative weight of both men and women is approximately the same. And in general, the complexity of the functioning of the brain is not related to the size of the brain, but to the complexity of connections between neurons.

How does the gender equality influence the statistics?

Women know mathematics better in countries with gender equality

In all countries, regardless of gender equality, reading rates for women are higher than for men. But in some countries, the success of female individuals in mathematics is not only the same, but also superior to the results of the male ones. For example, in Iceland, girls get on tests, on average, 14.5 points more than boys.

In Norway and Sweden, where there are more economic, educational and political opportunities for women, the difference between sexes in mathematics is gone. Instead, in countries where women have fewer rights, the level of knowledge in mathematics is lower for women. For example, in Turkey, girls, on average, gain 22.6 points in tests on this subject less than boys. Their reading rates are also low: they exceed the results of the boys by 32.7 points, while in Iceland the difference is, on average, 61 points.

If we talk about writing skills, it is widespread equally to search, for example, for essay help for both men and women.

Who is smarter and why?

So who is the smarter: men or women? Probably all the same, just mental faculties are revealed in different ways.  Remember that the best teams engaged in intellectual activities are mixed. It allows solving any problems in a complex way, evaluating the situation from different sides. According to all historical and scientific researches there are no winners in this debate. No matter who you are man or woman, if you want to be smart, develop your brain and abilities and you’ll be surprised how much you can achieve. Success starts with your hard work and constant learning.