How it works

Maintaining strong contacts with our customers during the writing process is a must. It’s essential for our company that any client of ours could be reached through the telephone or an email address that they submitted during the registration.

For the convenience of our customers and academic writers we created perfect personal webpage on our website so to make sure any changes in the process of paper writing (if necessary) are made by the customer and quickly monitored and taken into account by the dedicated writer.

At we are extremely accurate with all the financial transactions. To meet all the needs of interested sides we created a procedure that allows a writer to start working on task only when the proper funding is received. Furthermore as a part of the same procedure our support specialists may contact you just after you placed an order to verify your personal information and some other issues if necessary. On our side we guarantee a complete refund should there be any issues with deadlines, structure of the paper or some other problems. In some cases our support team might ask a confirmation of a cardholder’s identity. All those precautions are made to maintain a safe and secure service that we are so proud of.

All the data that you entered during the order procedure is carefully stored on our servers. A copy of your for is also sent to your email for your convenience. It might be handy in the process of paper writing to solve some issues that may arise. We always try to complete your task as quickly as possible. For this reason our writers communicate with the customers through the email or our website (your personal page). Giving quick and informative answers to those requests is a great way of speeding up the process of academic paper writing even further.

Please be ensured that all your submitted tasks are visible for us and we focus on them instantly. However some time is needed for us to find a corresponding writer that would possess all the necessary academic experience to complete with a task.

It is in your best interests to inform our writers about any abrupt changes of requirements to the task. You should know that some changes (ex. Changes in a length of task, its complexity or structure) may require additional payment from your side. You should clarify all that with our support team for a more detailed consultation.

You should also know that our writers are busy with your tasks and for this reason they check their emails and personal pages on our website for any new information from you only once a day. So don’t feel ignored, some time is required for a proper response. However in case your task is on a short schedule and deadline is very close our writers will try to respond within a few ours or even faster.

When the task is finished it is sent on both your email and personal page on our website. Check for a ready task when the deadline that you submitted approaches.

After checking the entire task that you received from our company you are welcome on the reviews section of our website. We value all the responses and hope that they can help us improve even further. If you think that there are some corrections to be made to a ready task don’t hesitate to contact us – within two weeks of delivery all the corrections (without changing the requirements) are free of charge.